design for all reasons


I built the examples here
with html, css, a little script, a few pixels
& the ability to envision solutions.

  • It starts with smoke and mirrors.
  • From initial presentation to completed deliverables, the clients wishes are the driving force.
  • Flip side? Knowing how and when to say “No.”
  • After all, that’s why they hire designers.




Sunshine State Gas

State Gas

Propane Suppliers

Bulk Food Supperstore

Bulk Food

Bulk Grocery

Apple Avenue Rags

Avenue Rags

Custom Rag Dolls

Lolly Owens

Lolly Owens

Fine Artist

Tax Centers U.S.

Tax Centers US

Accounting Firm


Shopping Diva

Shopping Diva

Certified Stylist



Furniture Updating

Mako Publishing

Mako Publishing

Niche Publishing Firm



Eleanor Merritt 1933 ‑ 2019

Favicon, shown in Black and White for

Artist, educator, and community leader Eleanor Merritt commissioned me to design a new website in 2011. Revisions and new gallery treatments were built as needed to keep up with her accelerating exhibit schedule and new works.

Design, HTML, CSS, Mobile CSS, Image Retouching, Image Optimization, Video Editing, W3 compliant, SEO Optimized

All images used here with the permission of the Estate of Eleanor Merritt.

Poster image for Eleanor Merritt 60 Year Retrospective Online

60 Year Retrospective Show

An online gallery visitors “walk through”, this special section is based on a demo incorporating jquery from Louis Remi. This phase of Ms. Merritt’s site was built in 2017.

Animated .gif overlay representing brush strokes

Animated Introduction

Seated Woman was chosen by Ms. Merritt as the sole example of her work to appear on the new landing page. It was the catalyst for the site palette, as well.

Animated brush strokes suggest a new work in process, and fade to the vibrant strength of the completed piece. Site visitors have commented on their desire to pause and see “what comes next.”


Craig Wright

Favicon for

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Craig Wright, the Henry L. and Lucy G. Moses Professor of Music Emeritus at Yale University commissioned this site to promote his book The Hidden Habits of Genius Beyond Talent, IQ, and Grit – Unlocking the Secrets of Greatness.

Design, WordPress Astra Theme - hacked as needed, .htaccess for fast load and caching, additional HTML & CSS, Image Retouching & Optimization, W3 compliant & SEO Optimized to WordPress Best Practices

Grainy original image of Professor Craig Wright

When Images Are Scarce

A weighty image file is not necessarily a good image file. The graininess of the only image of Professor Wright at work in his home office was challenging.

Grainy image used to enhance hero image concept

Going With the Grain

I used the image to define the look and feel of the Hidden Habits site. Some background retouching, and a “keyhole” mask provided visual interest and a little intrigue.


Steve Orich

Favicon for

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Steve Orich, Orchestrator, Composer & Musical Director commissioned a new build after his original WordPress site had been hacked with some pretty nasty bits of .php. We decided to go with an html build on his new site, one that he could edit himself, once completed.

Design, HTML, CSS, Mobile CSS, Image Retouching, Image Optimization, W3 compliant, SEO Optimized, Owner Tutorial, Commented Code

screen shot of audio sample player styling

Audio Player Styling

Mr. Orich’s original site relied on a third-party site for playback of his sample files. At the time of the build, html5 audio players were coming into their own, and this enabled self-hosting of his sample files. CSS styling provided smooth visual integration of the player. Listen, Mr Orich’s work was definitely a bonus of the build.

screen shot of flip card function

Record Sales and Stories

Another requirement of this build was album availability. To facilitate off-site purchases, and provide a bit of backstory for each album, flip cards were used.







These went to press.




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