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and innovative websites

Visitors respond to excellence in web design…

75 percent
85 percent
94 percent

Developed For Your Target Audience

Good web design encompasses look, feel and functionality

Content management, Search Engine Optimization considerations, semantic structure, and standards compliant coding must be carefully blended into each.

• Functionality across all browsers, computer operating systems and mobile devices.

• Error-Free Navigation clearly directing visitors through the site based on their interests.

• Well Organized Content Presentation, enhanced for search engine optimization (SEO).

• Compelling Layout and Design with an appealing color scheme and consistent use of fonts.

• Balanced use of high caliber images which visually re-inforce content.

Professional resources are at your disposal to organize the site (wireframe), evaluate expenses (budget tools) assess the result (TCO/ROI) Total Cost of Ownership and Return on Investment. Each website is based on owner budget, timeline and goals, using a selection of stand-alone modules to enhance content availability and display. Each site is built to your specifications.


semantic, well structured websites

Let's break this down…

organized content
3 c

Good Websites

  • Provide Content Targeted to Visitors
  • Encourage Bookmarking and Return Visits
  • Break Text With Pertinent Images

The following are vital choices to your site's sucess. If you are unsure of how to proceed, give us a call!

Domain Names

  • SEO First
  • Easy to type
  • Easy to remember


  • In the U.S., each domain name must be registered with InterNIC
  • Network Solutions is the U.S. company designated to maintain your domain name in the central name server
  • select a registrar to provide this service, and that selection becomes the designated registrar for the domain you choose


  • Choose a Host with a Track Record
  • Check Uptimes, Pricing, Support Features and Includes
  • Call or Chat before You Buy


fast, fully mobile websites

Timing is everything…

zero five

How does your site measure up?

Website Performance Toolbox

Phones, Tablets & Desktops

More users than ever rely on hand-held devices for their web searches. If your site was built several years ago, chances are you are not taking advantage of the new screen sizes, both large and small.

Search Engine Optimization

Searching for a business on the web is a major part of a new customers' decision to choose your business or service. A site that does not function well on all screen sizes will drive visitors to the competition. Device sizing impacts indexing, as well!

Getting your web site found by your desired market demographic is the goal drives every major decision in our development process.

The tools available to today's website owner are invaluable for determining how a site functions, and where improvements can be made.

Additional Considerations

Social Media Integration | E-mail | Newsletters

Why wait for potential new customers to find you? Take a proactive approach to your web presence and PUSH visits. Provide your users with new information and special offers. Weekly updating adds VALUE to your visitors' experience. Newsletters and e-blasts are a great way to reinforce your identity and keep visitors interested.

Marketing | Branding

Build and reinforce recognition of your identity.

  • Email Announcement of the new launch or rebuild
  • Branding & Identity Continuity: Logo Design & Favicons
  • ‘Snail Mail’ Announcement of the new launch or rebuild
  • Collateral Materials: Business Cards, Branded Letterhead, Envelopes



You set your goals & your budget.

you not I

DIY: Site Build Coaching | Site Repair

From $150.00
We offer on-site and online tutorials for guided website builds. Starting from scratch? Want to improve an existing site? Our web coach will help you through each step AS you build. Understanding, confidence and pride are all part of this package! Post-build telephone support is included.

Entry Level

No hidden fees, or recurring hosting or registrar charges! These sites are bound by template constraints, and include…

  • Fast Development Turn-around
  • USER-friendly content management
  • Template choice coaching
  • 'Home', 'About' & 'Contact', or similar
  • Professional Content Presentation Tools
  • 6 - 10 Fully optimized images for web
  • Prompt professional customer service

Intermediate Level

$500.00 - $850.00 View Demo!
These sites include…

  • Growth focused design
  • Multiple pages
  • Content organization
  • Custom layout and palette
  • Fully optimized images for web
  • Contact form
  • Introductory SEO & Social integration
  • All back-up files
  • Prompt professional customer service

Enterprise Multi-page or Ecommerce Site

On average, $1,200.00 - $2,500.00
These sites include…

  • No page limit
  • Branding strategy
  • Content research, organization and copy writing
  • Full customization
  • In-Depth SEO, required files & accounts
  • Social network coordination
  • Marketing strategy
  • All account Log-ins and Information
  • All back-up files
  • Prompt, professional support & service

Redesign of an Existing Site

Price is determined by Project Scope. We will provide you an in-depth estimate, based on an assessment of your requirements.

Website Maintenance & Updates

Price is determined by frequency and type. We will provide you an in-depth estimate, tailored to your business and website needs.

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